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Welcome to Arise Ministries

Arise Ministries wants to work with you to pioneer new outreach to children in your community. Working on a local, regional and national level, Arise Ministries seeks to help the Church reach the children with the gospel, so that they have an opportunity to discover Jesus and become his followers.

There are four key areas of ministry:

1. Equipping and Support
2. Events
3. Resources
4. ALF Clubs

Our vision is ‘Equipping the church to reach a generation’. We believe children can become, be and make disciples of Jesus, whilst children. We want to work in, through and with the church to see this become a reality.


“On the doorstep of every local church there are communities of children, many of whom know little about Jesus, most of whom never engage with church – what a challenge!  Almost every one of these communities of children has a local church within easy reach – what an opportunity!”

Ruth Gilson, Co-Founder Arise Ministries


Click here to meet the team and find out how you can get involved!

Arise Ministries was founded in partnership between Viz-A-Viz Ministries and Girls' Brigade.

Girls Brigade Ministries

Girls' Brigade Ministries has a successful track record in working with churches to provide evangelistic mission amongst children.

Girls' Brigade Ministries The Rooftop

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Arise Ministries was founded in partnership between Girls' Brigade Ministries and Viz-A-Viz Ministries.

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