Speaking Out

Speaking Out

Enough with New Year’s Resolutions!

My initial thought in terms of a title for this piece was something along the lines of ‘New Year’s resolutions are for wimps?’ but I’m never sure whether people completely get my sense of humour when it is in written form, so I ended up going with a different title.

What is the point?!!

3, 2, 1, go! We’re off; the Christmas season of 2015 is well and truly upon us and underway for sure.

Holding nothing back.

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had more time to share, to deliver, to impart the message of the gospel with the children we are fortunate enough to work amongst?

On the move

On the move

Do you ever find yourself getting distracted from what you are doing? As you look around do you get disheartened by what is happening? Wherever we may find ourselves or may see around us, God is at work in this world and God is at work through you and your ministry.

Discipline or devotion

Discipline or devotion

The deputy head came into assembly and gave the children this scenario: “What if I created a new school rule? The rule is you cannot talk to your best friend all day and if you do you will have to go and sit outside the head-teacher’s office.”

Unto the breach, dear friends

Ever found yourself with a new challenge or opportunity appearing in our lives, causing you to step out of your comfort zone into the unknown a place which at times, frankly, can feel impossible?


Sometimes we cannot help what time we are living in, it may be a season of extreme busyness, or a time of waiting, you could be living through a really joyful time or painful one.

Take a breath.

With smartphones, 24-hour news channels and the ever-present updates on social media, the idea that New York has a monopoly on being the city that never sleeps seems no longer the case. However great these inventions and innovations may be, when it comes to our relationship with God are we in danger of running at a similar unhealthy non-stop pace?