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Just a 'child'?

Arise Ministries is passionate about seeing churches equipped to reach out to the children of their communities, whilst mobilising the children they work amongst to share their faith, today.

Just a 'child'? is a question we're asking, not as a pointing finger, but to enable discussion and practical outworking as we seek to support churches offering tailored support to develop effective evangelistic ministry amongst children.

What does it look like?

Working on a local, regional and national level, Arise Ministries offers tailored support to develop effective evangelistic ministry amongst children.

Different expressions:

• An equipping course
• Regional day conferences
• Special events
• Local church based morning/day conferences
• Seminars
• Preaching


• Single evening events or mini courses over a series of weeks
• Day conferences
• Weekends

Looking at issues such as:

• Reaching children with the gospel
• Mobilising children to share their faith
• Valuing children, who they are and what they have to say and offer
• Releasing children to play their part within church today
• Unpacking what it means for church to be intergenerational

What people are saying

"It was the perfect blend of biblical reasoning and practical advice presented in a lively, engaging way, to enthuse and equip our leaders and helpers in the new children's work we have been establishing. We always seek to value children, but "Just a child?" encouraged us to value children as both disciples and disciple-makers. I'd encourage any church or group of churches wanting to reinvigorate children's work to book the Arise Team today."
– Rev Dr Andrew Stobart, Methodist minister in Darlington, Hurworth, Barton and North Cowton.

"It was awesome to have the energy & passion from Arise to inspire our team & seeing our team better equipped to serve the children was great. Personally I was challenged yet again to recognise the role children play in their own faith development and that of their peers."
- Rev Jon Bishop, Associate Minister for Youth at Croxley Green Baptist Church, Croxley Green

"Who could help but be inspired by the dynamic force of the Arise Team."
- Victoria Beech, runs GodVenture—inspiring and helping families meet God together at home.

What to do next?

If you would like to find out more about the different equipping Arise Ministries offers and how we can support you in your ministry, please get in touch or download our Just a 'child'? leaflet.

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